Blue hang tags are required to park in the garage of the Monument II building. They are issued based on the parking provisions in each tenant’s lease. They are provided by Property Management upon each tenant’s occupancy to the tenant’s facility representative.  All visitors must park on one of the top two levels (if you are not providing them with a blue hang tag). Monitoring of the hang tags is done by each tenant’s facility representative. Replacement hang tags due to loss, or an employee did not return their hang tag, etc. is $11 per tag. Anyone parking on any of the first 3 levels without a blue hang tag will receive a written warning of the violation. A second offense will also receive a written notice with the possibility of the vehicle being towed to an impound lot by Henry Towing. A third offense will result in that vehicle being towed without additional written warning.

In addition, no overnight parking is allowed in the garage.  If there is a situation where you must park your vehicle overnight, you must notify the Property Management office so that your vehicle is not towed.